This year has gone by way too fast and I feel like I haven’t done enough.  Anuncios

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High level drama

It’s been twenty three days since I last posted. Wow. Time flies. It’s October, Halloween month, “sweater weather”, not for me though, I’m still melting in this almost offensive humidity. Girls tend to live around drama. It is almost in our nature. We breathe and eat drama every single day, specially in College. Of course, […]

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I was thinking and trying to be really reflexive but today is not the kind of -I’m going to write about life and universe and happiness and love and sadness- day. It was a really hot, really sweaty kind of cloudy mid-September day. Do I feel the lovely breeze that comes along with Fall? No. […]

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I thought about apologizing for not posting in so long, but then it came to mind: nobody reads you, Andrea. Nobody cares. And it’s perfectly okay. I don’t write for an specific someone, I write for fun. And yes, it’s hard to find time for fun but I’ll always go back to it at some point. […]

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Music Series: Sia

I think she’s become pretty famous by now. But I’m so glad I got to know her wonderful voice before all the white wig era. Artist of the post: Sia (Sia Kate Isobelle Furler) Nacionality: Australian. She’s 38 and one of the most powerful songwriters of the time, at least I see her like that. She’s […]

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Hesitation will kill me. Starting to get annoyed and confused, I think I need help.

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Good-bye Summer

It’s been two wonderful months so far. I’ve read seven books which makes me really happy and proud to share. I got four more yesterday but I don’t think I’ll get to finish them before going back to the routine. I did a little road trip, tried some new recipes, saw old friends and took some […]

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